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Thread: Salvaged- How To: Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer Install (OP: Shanet)

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    Salvaged- How To: Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer Install (OP: Shanet)

    I wanted to start a clean thread for a how too since the other had so many part numbers ect in it. A personal thanks to Razorlab for the assistance. Hooking up a Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer gauge is a snap and should take you 1-2 hours tops if you take your time Smile This is for factory sized return lines.

    Parts List:
    1. Gague - Comes in red or blue. You can get it on ebay for $180
    2. Flex Fuel Sensor - GM 13577429 Ebay about $55-$60
    3. Flex Fuel Sensor Wiring Harness - GM 13352241 jegs $13.00
    4. Flex Fuel Quick Connects - Dorman 800-085 Oreillys has them $6.00
    5. Fuel injection hose clamps - Oreillys part# is MP131516F $6.99
    6. Roll of Red / Black / Green #16 wire. O'reilys like $6.00
    7. 1/4 (i think) wire loom, about 3 feet. O'reilly has this too.
    8. Red Butt splices & 1 eyelet to fit under a 10mm bolt
    9. Double Sided Tape. I like the 3M 20lb. Its super sticky.
    10. Add a fuse - Amazon ASIN B001QRSBW0 $5.49

    Tools Needed:
    1. Flat Blade
    2. 10mm socket
    3. Wire cutters
    4. wire crimps
    5. pliers

    Crimp red wire to the add a fuse and push into the cigarette lighter fuse slot. You can get the wire threw the firewall using several different methods. The one that I used was to pull the carpet back on the driver side below the fuse panel. Right where the door jam starts to curve you will see a black groment. Put a hole threw this. I have my boost gauge hose going this route and a red wire. Ignore the orange wire it goes to something else Smile

    This hole will take you to the front drivers tire. Pull the push rivets out all the way up to half way of the wheel well and pll the plastic down. You will see another groment almost in line of the first one you pulled out. Feed the wire threw the hole.
    Then take the wire and run it over the top of the wheel well behind the plastic and pull the wire out under the hood here:

    Then straight down below in the engine bay you will see 2 ground straps. Loosen one of them with a 10mm socket. Take your black wire out and hook a eyelet to it then stick it under the 10mm bolt and tighten back down.

    All the wiring is ran. That is the actual "hard part" Lets move on to the sensor install.

    The sensor is installed in the fuel return line using the factory return lines. Here is the location of the line

    Follow this all the way to where it hooks to the metal line on the far drivers side. Now go back towards where you started and cut the line about a inch off the 1st bend. Slide a clamp on the line then push in 1 of the dorman fittings and tighten clamp.

    At this point i pushed the the other dorman fitting onto the left side of the flex fuel sensor then push the right side onto the fitting that I just attached to the hose. Then measure off the piece you need to cut to connect it back to the metal line in the middle of the engine where i am pointing at above. That is the only real hard part Smile If you made it this far its a cake walk the rest of the way.

    The sensor is super light and will not have any issues with movement. It weighs less then 3 oz. Here is mine all hooked in:

    Now onto the wiring. On the GM harness 13352241 cut off the end that does not plug into the flex fuel sensor. My pigtail had a white / black and pink wire. Take 3 feet of each of your wire (red/green/black) and hook it up as follows to the harness:

    pigtail white -> Green Wire (output)
    pigtail black -> Black Wire (ground)
    pigtail pink -> Red wire (power)

    Your gm sensor is marked and should be as follows:
    top pin -> Output
    middle ping -> ground
    bottom pin -> vcc (power)

    On the gauge you will only use 3 wires, the green / black /red. Simply take the wires on the gauge and harness and wire them together and also connect the power wire you ran from inside the car to the red set and the ground wire you attached to the frame to the black wires. You will have 3 red wires paired / 3 black paired and 2 green wires paired.

    Thats it. Simply mount the gauge here with double sided tape:

    and then take the harness and feed it threw the inner fender. Look to the top left you can see where i came out and then simply plug it into the flex fuel sensor.

    then I reused the plastic ziptie that held the lines together and just put it around the sensor for extra hold.

    You are done. Enjoy!
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